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Solar cooking news and greetings From: Solar Household Energy (news@she-inc.org) Sent: 2014-12-15 14:24:07

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From Solar Household Energy  

December 12, 2014

Dear supporter of Solar Household Energy,

I write to you on behalf of all of us at Solar Household Energy to thank you for your continued support of our work in spreading solar cooking around the world, and to let you know how your donations today can help make a difference for 3 billion people who cook on smoky, dirty open fires or primitive stoves. 

Your generous gifts enable us to make solar cookers available to those who can benefit from it the most in Burkina Faso, Chad and Mexico, to foster investigation and research to develop solar cooking standards with the International Standards Organization, and to educate the public and policy-makers such as the UN Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. Learn more about these initiatives below, and in more detail in our newly posted annual report on the About Us section of our website.

Providing solar cookers to refugees in Burkina Faso and Chad. In partnership with UNHCR and Africare, SHE distributed 250 HotPot solar cookers two years ago to Sudanese refugees in Gaga camp in Chad. Today, the Lutheran World Foundation, now in charge of environmental activities in Gaga refugee camp, wishes to partner with us to expand the HotPot project with 2,500 more HotPots--enough to cover 80% of households. By using HotPot solar cookers, refugees no longer need to deplete the forest or risk being attacked when searching for scarce fuel wood outside of the camp.  Based on the success of the earlier HotPot project in Gaga refugee camp, SHE is also exploring options to introduce solar cookers in Burkina Faso refugee camps.

Assessing lasting impacts of HotPot projects in Mexico. Solar Household Energy is revitalizing relationships with previous partners such as the Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature (Fondo Mexicano para la Conservación de la Naturaleza, or FMCN). We collaborated with FMCN over a decade ago to design, manufacture and distribute the HotPot in Mexico. We are gearing up to assess and document long-term project outcomes in Mexico. Since Solar Household Energy planted the seed for this project in 2004 with grants won from the World Bank and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, FMCN has distributed over 25,000 HotPots in Mexico. Quantifying the lasting impacts of these projects will prove HotPot long-term adoption and durability, demonstrating that the HotPot is a viable clean cooking solution.

Solar cooking promotion to the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. In partnership with Solar Cookers International (SCI) and two other solar cooking organizations, Solar Household Energy this year reached out to the worldwide solar cooking community to better represent the diversity of solar cooking technologies, projects and organizations to the Global Alliance. Solar Household Energy presented on opportunities for collaboration and sharing of resources both at the Global Alliance headquarters and at the Solar Cookers International Convention, and continues to act as an intermediary between the Global Alliance and the solar cooking community.

Fostering solar cooking standards development. Solar Household Energy and SCI supported Paul Funk, Ph.D., developer of internationally recognized solar cooking standards, to participate in the International Standards Organization (ISO) clean cooking conference in Nairobi, Kenya.

Supporting international solar cooking organizations. Solar Household Energy and SCI supported Deepak Gadhia, renowned for his large-scale community kitchens in India, to present his findings at the University of California Berkeley's International Symposium on "Discovering Untapped Resources.” SHE also responds to hundreds of inquiries every year concerning solar cooking technology and project implementation.

Educating the public and policy-makers. Solar Household Energy volunteers continue to provide solar cooking demonstrations and talks at Washington, D.C. area events on international development, environmental issues, disaster relief, and renewable energy. We also make presentations at local schools and fairs, to educate the public and form new connections to bring solar cooking to the international arena. SHE reached over 1200 people in 2014.

2015 promises to bring new opportunities and challenges to Solar Household Energy as we continue to foster solar cooking for human development and environmental relief. Please visit the Get Involved page  on our website for details on how to make a donation or volunteer and help make it all possible

Thank you.

Sunny wishes.

Sophie Brock
Executive Director


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